Friday, November 22, 2019

Let's Get the Band Back Together!

The Earps, 2006

On November 17th, I received a private message on Facebook, asking if I could participate in a reunion of The Earps for a private party in Phoenix on July 4th, 2020.

By far the most toxic band I was ever in. Everyone leaves bitter and talk about lineup changes! Damn. Why on Earth would anyone want those guys back together?

 According to friend and fan Larry Merry: "From an audience perspective that really was a fun lineup to watch. Here's hoping you guys can put all of the past 'behind the scenes' bullshit aside long enough to go out and have some fun on stage and everyone parts ways peacefully this time."

At the time of this writing, I am now 43 years old, and about 20 pounds overweight. I have 7 months of sobriety via AA and some other recovery groups. I've been through jails, mental hospitals, and lots of therapy since The Earps days. My Kindle is loaded full of books on self-help and Buddhism, and I trudge through the days with a low-wage warehouse day job. I went on to perform with a pretty successful local Kentucky country/rock cover band The Moonshine Millionaires, and a couple road shows in Nine Pound Hammer. Otherwise, I haven't done much, or at least not anything that really took off. 

So here's my project. I want to make a comeback and be in top shape for a really kick ass couple of shows with The Earps next year. I have 225 days.
"Finally only nostalgia remains, a light grief without the painful sadness. At last we contain our own history—no longer driven or possessed by it." - David Richo (psychotherapist/author)

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