Monday, April 19, 2021

Day One: Welcome to the Dive

My new Paul Reed Smith SE P20E parlor guitar

Hello. If you've stumbled across this blog somehow, this is my personal diary as I work toward some life goals, some musical and some not. 

Here are my goals (ranked by priority):
  • Learn 3-4 hours of solo acoustic repertoire
  • Lose 20 pounds
  • Clean and organize my home
  • Learn songwriting

To build a personal brand and public persona in local music. To increase my skills as a player and entertainer. To do something constructive with my time, versus playing on my phone with social media and chatting with people on Messenger. To become healthier, mentally and physically. To increase my willpower and self-discipline. To be a goddamned rock star. To possibly earn a few bucks in the tip jar. 

My strategy is to spend one hour per day in pursuit of these goals, beginning with the goal of learning 3-4 hours of cover material on acoustic guitar, moving on to weight loss, then cleaning/organizing, and finally, songwriting.  

I will have to experiment with best time of day to work toward these goals. I struggle with waking up early, but will try to do that at first. Perhaps it is best worked on after I get home from work. At this time, I attend recovery meetings on Monday nights (sometimes more frequently), and will attend Open Mic Night at Fish House in Shepherdsville, KY (and occasionally on Sunday nights in Germantown). On weekends I typically have my children and visit my girlfriend. 

I will practice toward my goals in my music room (formerly the "living room"), where I will be the most comfortable, undisturbed, and productive. 

I can make time by reducing activities such as playing on social media, watching television, reading, and lying around on the couch. I can identify what needs to be done by filling out goal sheets and setting a daily practice schedule to identify what I need to be working on. I can make sure that I persevere by scheduling deadlines for performances (gigs). I can keep track of my progress here and using a log. 

I have several friends and associates in the local music scene who can help me along the way. My kids can be enlisted to help me keep the place tidy and make music videos. 

Tonight, I will begin creating set lists. 

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